LINDA EVANS 4 ARIZONA

     "It is my duty to first LISTEN  &
              then...get into ACTION"

          No  MANDATES

     & High inflation?

    We must be America First in
          Manufacturing & OIL


Linda  has been a permanent resident of Tucson, Az. for 27 years.Born and raised in Van Wert, OH, 32 miles from Ft. Wayne, IN 


Evans graduated magna cum laude from Temple University,

Philadelphia, Pa. with a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA),  from Columbia College, Chicago.


In 2017 Evans was told she was writing complete symphonies. Her mentor is Tucson resident Grayson Hirst (founder of the Sons of Orpheus), distinguished Tenor who sang with Beverly Sills at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan. 


Linda's plays and musicals are archived at the Ohio State University, Main Library, (Thompson) at the OSU main campus in Columbus, Ohio.




Pima County Redistricting Committee


Secretary General of the International Center of Women Playwrights

Foothills Committee Against Annexation, mid-1990's


Board Member for Assistant League of Tucson

  Liaison to Hughs Corp 

  Primavera Foundation (Homeless) 

  Youth on their Own

Developed and implemented 1st Speakers Bureau for Assistance League of Tucson 


Evans taught Psychology (stress management & suicide prevention) to Border Patrol, police officers, 1st Responders, and nurses at Pima Community College, Tucson



QUESTION: Where does your interest in NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY come from?

ANSWER: "I have lived in many cities: Philadelphia and Chicago where I received my degrees. And I have had residencies in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. I've divided my time between NYC, & NW Ohio, and Tucson, AZ for 15 years.

I've run in the dark, looking for buses in Chicago in 5 degree windchill blowing from Lake Michigan. I've waited for Subway trains in NYC at 1AM.

In 2006 I landed at La Guardia in December to be told that "Manhattan is shutting down due to a blizzard,": no buses, no subway and on and on.

During the Bronx bombing of the police station in January 2020, I was just miles away.


I could never have gone through these experiences without kind strangers of every language, and belief. These past months I go door to door in the City of Tucson. I want to help people. I am listening.

QUESTION: You live against the Catalina Mountains in the county. Aren't you afraid to go door-to-door in the City of Tucson, especially the Speedway area?

ANSWER: People live there in dangerous neighborhoods. Families live there. I want to talk to them.They tell me their experiences. What frightens them. Close calls. About a stollen dog. They want to show me that spot where their stollen car once sat; the side yard where a man on drugs chased them wielding a knife. I look in their eyes and see their fear.


Tucson made national news at the end of 2021! Our murder rate is the highest since 2008. The knife wielding incident (above)? No officer ever came to help.

A month later an officer came and told the woman to put a "NO TRESPASSING" sign in her window. That was the city's answer. Stupid. Frightening.

We must hold elected officials accountable on every level. Defunding police is failing miserably across the USA. Wake up! 



                                  "I am listening.          

                                I need your vote."


              Go to the polls August 2 & November 8


                            LINDA EVANS 4 AZ












                               Call:   AZ Senator Kirstin Sinema.       202-224-4521

                                           WV Senator Joe Manchin           202-224-3954








Paid by Committee to Elect Linda Evans to Arizona State House of Representatives in LD 9